Chinese Medicine

Master Chen is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine specialising in sports injuries. Having started training in wushu at 8, Dr. Chen started to excel at the age of 12 after which he was introduced to a top form of Taichi. From over 20 years daily practice in conjunction with his talent and hard work at the Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine College, Dr. Chen has developed a unique systematic method that combines Taichi with traditional Chinese medicine practices to activate and enhance our own defence system towards diseases.

Using a combination of Qi from Taichi and Tuina (Acupressure and Massage), Acupuncture, Cupping and Moxibustion, Dr. Chen could achieve more than just using TCM methods in the sense of balancing and harmonising our human body activities. Taichi Tuina based on the understanding of Jingluo circular system and acupuncture points, using a gentle, even and durable force from Taichi to reach deep to your body as well as adjusting the Chi and applied force according to the detected response and the Chi circulation. After a course of half hour of Tuina, the Chi flow of the patients will become fluent and a total relaxation will be achieved.

The principle for this treatment method is to improve the Chi flow of your body, thus the improved blood circulation and organ functionality. It finally activates and improves your own defence system for a balanced Yin and Yang. It is called the Natural Taichi Reflect Treatment.