China Culture Trips

Jin Long benefits from having close links with various groups in China. Attending the International Traditional Wushu Festival and organising Cultural Visits to China, are some of the activities that have been organised. Jin Long aims to promote and develop this sector, creating opportunities to bringing cultural insight of Chinese art and tradition.

Jin Long has close links with various groups in China which assist and enhance our endeavour in fulfilling such aspiration. The authenticity and quality are some of the aspects we are proud to be able to offer through our services because of this. In the past, we have organised trips to China with visits to local school, calligraphy class and martial arts classes were incorporated in to the itinerary. In 2006 the trip coincided with the 2nd World Traditional Wushu Championships held in Zhengzhou. Some of our students participated in the competitions, and attended the ceremonies and special trips to the Shaolin Temple.

With increasing interest in China and Chinese communities growing, we believe that it is both beneficial and informative to our community to have opportunities where people can obtain understandings and become familiar with our cultural background.

At Jin Long Centre, we aspire to promote and expand the arts and culture of Chinese tradition in the UK. From the physical art and discipline of Chinese martial arts, to craftsmanship and colourful arrays of traditional arts and crafts, China has much to offer that have been treasured through thousands of years. With close links with various groups and societies including Shaolin Temple (Henan, China), we foresee ourselves to be the source for sharing and presenting the Chinese culture to a wider audience.

Jin Long students taking a caligraphy lesson Opening ceremony of the 2nd World traditional wushu championships Jin Long students doing wushu stances on the great wall of China A chinese as part of a river show